Emtron KV 8

ecu tuning

Auto-Trend Motorsport provides a wide range of EFI tuning. In the area of standalone fuel management systems our team is fully trained by EMTRON factory professionals and we support other platforms like MAXXECU, HALTECH, LINK, HONDATA and lots more. Bring out the best from your car with us.


Auto-Trend Motorsport provides support for flash tuning from Alienttech, Bootmod, and JB4 Tune. Flash opens a world of performance options to the euro and domestic market. It can be tailored for increased ecomony or performance.

comprehensive fuel system

Protec specialises in the design and manufacturing of fuel pumps and complete fuel systems for Motorsport. Protec’s brushless fuel pumps and fuel pump systems are by leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Trusted in motorsport like WRC, Formula 1 and Nascar to name a few. Benefit from technology tested and proven in the harshest and most demanding forms of motorsport. 


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